Webinar: Opportunities and Obstacles for Creative Entrepreneurs with AI


​Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of artificial intelligence and its transformative potential for creative entrepreneurs at this exclusive workshop, "Opportunities and Obstacles for Creative Entrepreneurs with AI."

​This talk is designed for creators and entrepreneurs of all interests and backgrounds who are keen on leveraging AI to elevate their creative pursuits.

​Meet your host

​Join Keith Hayden, prolific author and pioneer in the realm of AI-enhanced book experiences. With a background in crafting immersive multi-media narratives, Keith has harnessed the power of AI to create the popular science fiction audiodrama podcast, Cereus & Limnic - as a solo studio of one.

​Over the past year, he has employed a multitude of AI tools to breathe life into the novel through audio, video, visuals, animations, music, and more.

​During this captivating talk, you will:

  1. ​Gain a solid understanding of AI, its basic terminology, and its relevance in the creative landscape.

  2. ​Dive into captivating examples of work created with AI, including an insider's look at Cereus & Limnic.

  3. ​Discover practical ways to integrate AI into your own creative projects, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

  4. ​Explore three major opportunities and three significant obstacles to the mass adoption of AI in the creative industry.

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