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6 years, thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours.

That's how much it's cost me to learn the game of creative entrepreneurship.

If you've started a blog, and nobody read it.

If you put out a podcast, and nobody listened but your mom.

If you made digital art, and nobody saw it.

If you haven't made anything yet, but have burning desire to do so,

Composite is your answer.

Composite is my interactive newsletter designed to help you refine your creative instinct and teach you the tools, techniques, and best practices to become a successful and fulfilled solo creator in the digital age.

Whether success for you means,

  • creating work you're proud of

  • expressing yourself creatively

  • going full time with your creative work

  • or growing a profitable creative business

This newsletter will help you get there.

What is it?

It is a collection of insights, lessons, resources, shoulda/woulda dones, and more from my creative journey so far.

Learn from me to minimize failure and smooth your learning curve in this relatively new space!

What's unique about it?

This newsletter is being written and updated in real time. So as I grow as a creator, you'll grow as a reader.

But wait, there's more!

Most newsletters live by subscription fees. I hate those damn things, so you won't find one here.

Instead, you'll find that the cost of this newsletter increases as its value increases.

Simply put: You won't pay for more than it's worth (unlike your latest streaming service subscription)

Here, it's one payment per volume of the newsletter. (A volume is a collection of articles on a single topic.)

That's it.

Simple. Easy. No weird terms or conditions.

Finally, as a reader, you'll have opportunities to provide your perspective and experience to certain topics.

This makes the newsletter more of a collaborative and evolving conversation, rather than a one-sided lecture (like the majority of newsletters out there).

How to get in early

Obviously with this unique pricing model, it's better to have earlier access to volumes.

The easiest way to be an insider is to join my email list.

You can do that here if you're interested.

I'm so excited to bring Composite to life. And I hope you decide to join the discussion to take part in the learning and growth we both will experience together with your participation.

No matter if you've been creating solo for years like me, or if all of your ideas live in your head begging to be let out.

Composite can help you lead a more creative life and capture more generated value from your work.

Join today to receive access to:Vol. 0 - Composite Blueprint

About the Composite Newsletter

Vol. 1 - Titanium Mind - Adopt the Mindset of a Digital Creator

Article #1 - 3 Reasons You Should Think About Mindset Before Everything Else as a Creator

Article #2 - The Online Sharing Spectrum: Where do you fall? Does it matter?

See you inside.

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