Quick Reads: Mini-Guide for Reading Non-Fiction and Fiction Fast!


The world is full of things to read. Text messages, articles, DMs, books, and more all demand our eyes and attention.

What’s more, you often forget what you read shortly after you finish. (I know I do.)

This can make reading seem like an endless chore. A leaky bucket in constant need of refilling.

It’s frustrating.

You want to read faster and retain more information about what you read in order to help you get work done more efficiently, absorb more interesting ideas, or just look smarter and more capable to the right people.

That’s why I wrote this guide.

To share my process for devouring books in an efficient manner to absorb ideas and stories quicker, while retaining what I read.

In this guide you'll unlock:

  • techniques I used to read life-changing bestselling book...in a single morning

  • ways to increase your speed before you even open the book or article

  • strategies for ways to dramatically boost your recall when reading non-fiction

  • methods for speedrunning fiction novels without losing the plot

  • the single secret technique to blazing through any book of your choice

Wish you could read faster to learn more, study more efficiently, knock out more books on growing your to-read list?

Then this mini-guide is for you!

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